pattern making COURSES

Our pattern making classes are open to everyone. Students undertaking the Professional Program complete the five module foundation class, Pattern Making & Garment Construction. Home sewers or professionals wanting to top up their skills can choose from our range of stand-alone classes.


This course is is taught in modules that are designed to build on your skills and ability and you will handle more complex garments as you progress through the course. You'll also have the option to learn commercial, ready-to-wear or couture sewing techniques to sew the patterns you've created.

 Introductory Pattern Making Classes

If you're a home sewer with a specific project or interest, or working in the industry and want to top up your skills, we offer three introductory pattern making classes.  


Advanced Pattern Making Classes

For more challenging projects, we offer five advanced pattern making classes. Basic pattern making skills are required for entry into this these courses. We recommend that students first take Module 1 of our foundation course Pattern Making & Garment Construction before embarking on a more challenging course.


More Pattern Making Classes


What is Pattern Making?


Creating  garments to individual measurements requires specialised drafting skills. A pattern is a template from which the pieces of a garment are traced or laid on to fabric before being cut out and assembled. Our pattern making courses are designed to give you all the experience and skill necessary to create your very own garment designs, without being restricted to pre-made commercial patterns. You'll learn to:

  • Take accurate body measurements to ensure a correct fit and allow for movement

  • Create patterns using pattern making techniques to shape, manipulate and enhance garment styles

  • Create garments from specific client requests that include assessment of proportion and fit

  • Grade patterns to create multiple sizes of a garment from a single design

There's no limit to what you can create. You can choose to work through the five modules of the Pattern Making Making and Garment Construction course, or specialise in womenswear, menswear, swimwear, bridalwear and more. We'll help take the mystery out of the garment construction process, while giving you free rein to let your imagination and design ideas shine through. 


Class Days & Times

Sessions for the Professional Program are run each term on:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday: 8.30am – 4pm
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday mornings: 8.30am – 12pm,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday afternoons: 12.30pm – 4pm and
Tuesday & Wednesday evenings: 6pm – 9.30pm

You can attend from a half day to 4 days per week during the 11-week term.


11 weeks / 38.5 hours / $825 (One 3.5 hour session per week)
11 weeks / 77 hours / $1,595 (One 7 hour session per week)
Students who take multiple sessions are charged at multiples of the daily rate.  

How You'll Learn

We design all of the pattern making courses in consultation with you to ensure that classes are targeted to your skill level and requirements. Our programs are self-paced, so you'll learn at your own speed with the right level of support.