patternmaking & garment construction

Pattern making uses blocks which are the base patterns for garments such as skirts, pants and bodices.  At in2Mode, we specialise in couture sewing which uses a tight-fitting block that is enlarged depending on the garment to be made. This course is the foundation course of the Professional Program, consisting of five separate modules. Shorter classes are offered for home sewers or professionals who want to learn a specific type of pattern making.


Skill Level: All

No experience is required to commence Module 1 (which is a prerequisite for Modules 2-5).


Classes & Cost

11 weeks / 38.5 hours tuition / $825
(3.5 hours per week)
11 weeks / 77 hours tuition /$1,595
(7 hours per week)
11 weeks / 231 hours tuition / $4,785
(21 hours or 3 days per week
which is full time study)
Students may choose a study pattern that involves attendance between half and 4 days per week during term.

Class times are flexible: you can choose from weekday mornings, afternoons or evenings.  Some Saturday classes are also available.

Mid-term enrolments are often possible. Please contact us and we'll do our best to fit you in.

For students enrolled in the professional program, longer classes or multiple courses, discounts may apply. 

2019 Classes

Term 1: 22 January - 6 April
Term 2: 16 April - 29 June
Term 3: 16 July - 28 September
Term 4: 8 October - 21 December



This class is open to everyone: home sewers, hobbyists and professionals.   It's also available as part of the Professional Program or HSC Textiles Program.

Course Summary

This course is based on our professional program and is taught in modules that are designed to build your skills and ability to handle more complex garments as you progress through the course. The course is based on a set curriculum, but there's flexibility in terms of the  patterns and blocks that you create, based on whether you're more interested in the custom or commercial clothing markets.

Patternmaking uses blocks which are base patterns for garments including skirts, bodices, dresses and pants. The school specialises in couture sewing which uses a tight fitting block that is enlarged depending on the garment to be made. This style of block development suits dressmakers undertaking custom work.

For those wanting to undertake commercial work, and are only designing in specific size ranges, the blocks can be adjusted to be more specialised and include base fittings and features such as collars, sleeves and cuffs.

A pattern is not considered complete until a sample is sewn and the pattern tested for fit. Students have the option to learn commercial, high end, ready to wear or couture sewing techniques while undertaking the patternmaking course. Those learning couture techniques will also be taught the patternmaking skills to design the underpinnings associated with couture dressmaking.

The first module is designed to give you enough skills to start patternmaking your own designs whilst simultaneously learning how to tackle more complex garments taught in the later modules.

The first module is a prerequisite to the latter modules.

What You'll Learn


  • Basic blocks for skirts, bodice and pants

  • Pattern alteration methods for skirts to produce popular designs including a tapered, A-line, high and low waisted, gored, pleated, wrapped, bubble, circle and cascade skirt

  • Bodice enlargement and style changes using dart manipulation

  • Basic shirts and bodice variations

  • Strapless garments and contouring garments for close fit

  • Necklines, collars and sleeve variations

  • Pants and trousers


  • Dresses and uncomplicated evening wear.

  • Shirt and blouse variations using advanced techniques.

  • Unstructured jackets

  • Capes and hoods


  • Stretch fabric pattern making techniques

  • Tops, pants, dresses and unstructured coats in stretch fabric

  • Lingerie and swimwear

  • Corsetry

  • Exercise wear


  • Jacket pattern making

  • Coat pattern making


  • Introductory draped pattern making for garments in modules 1 to 4


  • Draped pattern making for eveningwear and bridal

Feeling Social?

There's nothing we love more than to see our students work in progress or finished creations!