learn to sew


If you're a complete newbie, or have some basic skills but don't feel confident enough to tackle your own projects, we offer two learn to sew courses to get you started. If you want to learn the basic building blocks of sewing, then Dressmaking Skills is probably your best bet. If want to jump right and learn by making a garment, then Basic Dressmaking will be a good fit.


Our Learn to Sew Classes are for Everyone

Yes, we're a fashion college and design school, but we believe that everyone benefits from courses taught at the highest levels. Even if you just want to learn to make basic clothes, or alter clothes you already have for a perfect fit, learning the right way first makes a lot of sense. Our beginning students often tell us how much they learn (and how much they're inspired and motivated) by seeing other exciting projects taking shape around them. 

Flexible Class Times, Small Classes 

We offer a flexible timetable which allows you to choose a class a time that works for you. We run daytime and evening classes during week, as well as on Saturdays. Our classes generally have a maximum of eight students, so you'll have plenty of one-on-one time with an experienced sewing teacher. 

We've Got Everything You Need

It helps to have your own machine, but if you don't, we have a range of machines for you to use in class. Learning to sew doesn't have to cost a fortune and the best part about learning from us is that you can try different equipment and tools and decide whether it's something you really need to buy for yourself. We also have threads, interfacings, linings and closures, so can complete your project in class. No excuses!

It's Fun to Sew With Others

Maybe you thought that sewing was a dying skill or a twentieth dark art ... well, it's alive and well and you'll be amazed at the range of talented and interesting people who sew. If you don't have anyone to enthuse with about fabrics and sewing, come join us.