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In sewing, pattern-making and fashion design, so much emphasis is placed on how we do things. How to sew a perfect collar. How to draft a pattern for that dream dress. But we often skip a vital step: what are we sewing or designing? 


Skill Level: All

Join fashion insider Dijanna Mulhearn for this 3 hour workshop for inspiration and tips on how to transform your look.


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This class is open to everyone: home sewers, hobbyists and professionals. It's also available as part of the Professional Program or HSC Textiles Program.

What You'll Learn

Dijanna will share the skills she’s honed over decades in the fashion industry and you’ll leave with the skills and insights to curate a personal wardrobe that conveys the best possible you. Plus, a copy of either of her books. Wardrobe 101: Creating Your Perfect Core Wardrobe or Wardrobe 101 for Mums. 

  • How to work with your body shape

  • How to choose flattering garment shapes

  • Working with colour and how it affects your image

  • Modern takes on fashion styles from classic to conceptual

  • Fashion forecasting and tapping into key fashion trends

  • What makes a good or a bad stylist

  • Accessories and how to use them wisely

  • Putting it all together for a polished look.

Dijanna Mulhearn

Creative director, author, personal stylist, public speaker & fashion writer.

Dijanna is a seasoned fashion writer and the author of Wardrobe 101: Creating Your Perfect Core Wardrobe and Wardrobe 101 for Mums. With over 30 years’ experience, she’s written for top fashion magazines including Harper’s BAZAAR, Studio and Grazia, written the long-running Wardrobe 101 fashion page in the Sydney Morning Herald and appears regularly on Network Ten’s Studio10 as a fashion commentator and stylist. She styles A-list celebrities in fashion, film and television and conducts corporate imaging workshops for recruitment agencies, financial institutions, legal firms and fashion retailers.

Working with fashion brands from Prada to Target, (other clients include OrotonRalph LaurenAkira IsogawaMarcsDavid Lawrence and Saba), she understands the language of fashion and its subliminal effect on the wearer and the viewer. “I love to see my clients glow once they understand how to work their wardrobe to reflect their own style. It’s not about judging, but teaching women to curate their own look with enduring style and control the image they project to the world”.

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Please feel free to email or call us on 02 9449 1450 and we'd be happy to provide more information or tailor a program for you.