in2mode fashion College & Sewing School

We’ve changed our name!

We’ve expanded our courses to combine disciplines including embroidery, textile art and fabric design as well as garment construction so couture arts better describes our courses.

One of the key aspects of couture is individual fitting and that’s an important part of what we teach. It’s what makes us different from our competitors, so we wanted to embody this in our name. Couture is also focuses on quality and detail. This has always been at the core of in2Mode classes and our new name - Couture Arts Fashion Academy (CAFA) - better reflects this.


We’ll continue to

  • Provide professional fashion and sewing education

  • Run classes in a friendly and collegiate atmosphere where students are challenged to extend their skills and capabilities through hands-on experience, not by exams and deadline.

  • Provide flexible class options to make courses accessible for working people

  • Encourage students to develop stylish clothes that suit their lives in the Australian climate

  • Promote and preserve couture sewing techniques

  • Encourage the use of modern and traditional techniques to achieve the accuracy and fit of haute couture designers sing contemporary fabrics

  • Make couture techniques accessible to the general public.