fashion design principles 2

In this second Fashion Design principles course, you'll focus on fashion image and styling for different figure types.  Knowledge of what constitutes good  fit and the design elements of a well designed garment for a particular figure and stype is explored with students researching and designing a range for a target market.  Students will design the range for there final portfolio work during this course.


Skill Level: advanced

Completion of Module 1 Pattern Making or extensive garment construction experience using a commercial pattern and completion of  Fashion Design Principles I is a prerequisite.  Some trade drawing skills required.

Classes & Cost

11 weeks / 38.5 hours tuition / $825
11 weeks / 77 hours tuition / $1,595

Class times are flexible: you can choose from weekday mornings, afternoons or evenings.  Some Saturday classes are also available.

Mid-term enrolments are often possible. Please contact us and we'll do our best to fit you in.

For students enrolled in the professional program, longer classes or multiple courses, discounts may apply. 


This class is open to everyone: home sewers, hobbyists and professionals. It's also available as part of the Professional Program or HSC Textiles Program.

design principles 2 course details

  • Figure type and analysis of clothing suitability

  • Image and wardrobe development

  • What constitutes good fit in a garment

  • Pattern alterations for common figure issues

  • Design of garments for various markets and sizes including:

    • research and inspiration for a fashion range

    • story boards and development of a design theme

    • customer price point and life style analysis

    • development of size range and grading intervals

    • development of a range and analysis of the figure types the design will suit

    • portfolio preparation for the fashion range

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