fashion design principles 1

You'll start with the basics and learn about line, shapes and silhouettes, proportion, scale and balance and then progress to the colour wheel to explore different hues and colour combinations.


Skill Level: intermediate

Some fashion drawing skills are required to complete this course.


11 weeks / 38.5 hours tuition / $825
11 weeks / 77 hours tuition /$1,595

Class times are flexible: you can choose from weekday mornings, afternoons or evenings.  Some Saturday classes are also available.

Mid-term enrolments are often possible. Please contact us and we'll do our best to fit you in.

For students enrolled in the professional program, longer classes or multiple courses, discounts may apply. 


This class is open to everyone: home sewers, hobbyists and professionals. It's also available as part of the Professional Program or HSC Textiles Program.

design principals 1 Course Details

  • Elements of Design and their use in fashion

  • Principles of design

  • Effect of line in design and dress

  • Optical illusion and dress

  • Shapes and silhouettes and their effect on design

  • Textures and the effect of light on fabric and design

  • The colour wheel

  • Colour, hue value, chroma and colour combinations

  • Colour systems used in fashion to determine colours that suit an individual

  • Proportions, visual scale, balance and unity of design

  • Drawing and analysis of contemporary garments in terms of elements and principles of design

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