hsc textiles major work

This workshop is designed to assist you with your choice and execution of a major work for HSC Textiles & Design. We're experienced with the curriculum and can help guide you on your major works selection, especially the time and skill levels required to complete your chosen project. If you have skill gaps, we can recommend short classes to bring you up to speed. 


Skill Level: ALL

All students of all skill levels are welcome.


workshops & Cost

3 days / 20 hours / $500



What You'll Learn

  • HSC requirements for major works that achieve high marks

  • Strategies to use projects in Year 11 to learn and finesse techniques for the year 12 major work

  • Principles and elements of good design

  • Choice and source of fabrics

  • Garment construction techniques which will involve the production of a garment sample for a lined skirt with a zipper and a bodice with a collar and sleeve

  • Altering techniques for a purchased pattern

  • Fashion illustration using body templates. Students will produce samples that include textile rendering and shading to achieve 3-dimensional finishes.

  • Mood boards and fashion communication.

  • Fabric embellishments and resources available to assist with techniques.

  • Garment costing

  • Time allocation and the importance test and sample garments.

  • Time permitting, specific sewing techniques may be sampled for students on the basis of the major works they are considering. Instruction may include application of bindings, hemming evening fabrics and lace work.

HSC Textiles Tutoring & Mentoring

  We also offer a short course program run on Saturdays or in the evenings targeted at guiding high school students towards better crafting various garments through the use of design and sewing techniques. 

More Information

Students and parents interested in the HSC workshop are invited to contact our Sydney college to discuss their requirements in person. Please feel free to email or call us on 02 9449 1450 and we'd be happy to tailor a program for you.